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Vice President of Special Projects , NAAAP Toronto
Toronto, ON

  • Internal consuling team to assist in developing strategic solutions for long-term NAAAP Toronto goals
  • Led initiatives to better understand current participant base, and to create a compelling value proposition, including enhanced programs, and differentiated targeting by demographics
  • Conducted market research to determine acquisition strategy, resulting in focused targeting to young professionals in three universities – University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson University
  • Initiated quarterly volunteer orientation program for existing and new volunteers and board members

Board Member, Canadian Centre for Language & Cultural Studies
Toronto, ON

August 2012 - Present
  • Responsible for the management and well-being of their organization. Includes reviewing job descriptions for managers, conducting performance reviews and salary reviews, and possible termination of senior employees.
  • Monitor management’s work to ensure that programme delivery is at an acceptable level.
  • Review financial statements to ensure organization is acting responsibility in its financial dealings.

Planned Giving Sub-Committee, Mon Sheong Foundation
Toronto, ON

June 2012 - Present

  • Strategize planned giving initiatives including endowment fund for the Mon Sheong private care service.
  • Organize and review logistics of seminars on topics related to long-term care and pre-planning.

Course Instructor & Curriculum Committee Member, LEADER Project
Togliatti Academy of Management, Russia

  • Selected business cases & created curriculum to teach business skills for students in developing countries (Russia, Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine)
  • Ran 15 teaching day sessions for 28 volunteer instructors to practice teaching skills at Ivey prior to the project
  • Facilitated the 15-day curriculum using case-based approach for 45 students (30 graduates & 15 undergrads)
  • Discussed difference in business environment between Canada and Russia, taught business concepts and encouraged students to pursue entrepreneurial ventures

President & Founder, Ivey Business in Asia Club
London, ON

  • Recruited six executive team members to launch club with emphasis to enhance skillset to work, invest, or launch businesses in Asia
  • Hosted weekly / bi-weekly language and cultural classes for Ivey students in preparation for China Study Trip and India Study Trip
  • Facilitated speakers with expat and business partner experience in China or India

Career Development Chair, CIBC Asian Employee Network
Toronto, ON

  • Designed and implemented Business Etiquette Dinner event for sixty participants within four affinity networks
  • Initiated and facilitated a peer-sharing network for forty CAEN members to meet colleagues, build trust, and strengthen relationships through monthly gatherings
  • Planned and hosted career development workshops such as GMAT info session and interview skills
  • Facilitated Pan-Asian Festival, General Meeting and Diversity Day to promote and celebrate diversity in the workplace

Marketing Director, North American Association of Asian Professionals (NAAAP Toronto)
Toronto, ON

  • Developed strategies and coordinated with stakeholders to automate the membership process
  • Directed marketing and PR team to organize Oasis Neighbourhood Challenge, an essential part of Toronto Waterfront Marathon - first place champion for 2006 and 2007
  • Hosted two pre-event promotional shows and yielded over 10 media stories in the Toronto area, key to raising $46,000 to Mon Sheong Foundation for a one-day event

Flexibility Committee, American Express Canada Diversity Council
Toronto, ON

  • Launched back-up childcare program for all headquarters Amex employees – organized launch marketing collaterals, planned site visits and other publicity events; 190 employee days were saved in a 6-month period as a result of this program
  • Co-led telecommuting pilot and measured success through focus groups and surveys, results were filtered through to International Diversity Committee
  • Created business case for back-up childcare and telecommuting as two Canadian flexible workplace initiatives and proposed to senior leadership team
Senior Advisor, McMaster Chinese Commerce Association
McMaster University, Hamilton ON
Apr 2003 - Apr 2004
  • Provide guidance to executive team on program design, succession planning, and leadership training
  • Continue leveraging relationship with external clubs and faculties to enhance member's experience at joint events
President and founder, McMaster Chinese Commerce Association
McMaster University, Hamilton ON
Apr 2002 - Apr 2003
  • Represented China and Hong Kong in hosting a pavilion in a day-long diversity celebration of food, dancing, display of cultural artifacts and decoration
  • Initiated non-profit academic club by recruiting and organizing eligible commerce students into executive posts, provide training and mentorship to guide successful implementation of club
  • Coached executives to recruit 150 members to join MCCA and participate in inter-club or inter-faculty social, academic and cultural events
  • Led executives to develop membership package to add value to members, including sponsorships from Hamilton and Toronto area
Team Member, DECA Competition (provincial)
Unionville High School, Markham ON
  • Trained for regional, provincial and national competitions
  • Experienced in “significant communication tactics” (on-the-spot responses)
  • Top 20 in the written category
Documentation Leader, Canada FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotic Competition
  • Team leader of team of 12 members to produce a 120-page documentation binder
  • Organized and supervised team members' progress
  • Experienced significant leadership tactics
  • Ability to Identify flaws in team and develop solutions

    Best Presentation Binder Award: FIRST PLACE
Photographer and Documentation Team Member, Canada FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotic Competition
  • Photographed and edited team and individual photos for documentation binder
  • Recorded time logs of preparation details for final robot

    Best Presentation Binder Award: SECOND PLACE
Co-leader and Secretary of Promotions Team, Canada FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotic Competition
  • Raised funds through acquiring sponsors and other means
  • Promoted and supported Unionville High School through press release and other promotional tactics

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